Do you want to learn more about Panama? About its adventurous history? Find the best bird book? Know, where to best snorkel or dive? What to consider when visiting this country?

Then you should check out the listing below! Highly recommended by our Naturalist Guides and experienced travelers, below you find various reading material, guidebooks and other literature that may help you with your trip to Panama.

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Lonely Planet Panama

Regis St. Louis
Lonely Planet

Fodor´s Panama

Tim Jarrell
Fodor´s Travel

The Path Between the Seas

David McCullough
Simon and Schuster

A Neotropical Companion (An introduction to the animals, plants, & ecosystems of the New World tropics)

John Kricher
Princeton University Press

A Guide to the Birds of Panama

Robert Ridgely
Princeton University Press

The Birds of Panama

George R. Angehr & Robert Dean
Cornell University Press

A Bird-Finding Guide to Panama

George R. Angehr 
Cornell University Press

The Tapir's Morning Bath (Mysteries of the tropical rain forest and the scientists who are trying to solve them)

Elizabeth Royte
Houghton Mifflin Company

Naturalists on the Isthmus of Panama (A hundred years of Natural History on the biological bridge of the Americas)

Stanley Heckadon-Moreno
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

A Field Guide to the Mammals of Central America and Southeast Mexico

Fiona A. Reid
Oxford University Press

Central America: A Natural and Cultural History

Anthony G. Coates
Yale University Press

A Day on Barro Colorado Island

Marina Wong / Jorge Ventocilla
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Panama Viejo: from Village to City

Patronato Panama Viejo
Editorial Patronato Panama Viejo 2006

The Illustrated Pirate Diaries (A remarkable eyewitness account of

Captain Morgan and the Buccaneers)
Alexander Exquemelin / Terry Breverton - Consulting Editor Harper Collins Publishers

Snorkeling Guide to Marine Life

Paul Humann / Ned DeLoach
New World Publications

Reef Fish Identification - Baja to Panama

Paul Humann / Ned DeLoach
New World Publications

Field Identification Guides

Rainforest Publication