So you’ve been considering a Panama vacation? Sculpted over a few million years by nature’s whim and wisdom, the isthmus that is Panama, a nation roughly the size of the state of South Carolina, is one of the most bio-diverse nations on the planet. Existing as the crossroads linking South and North America and a canal that connects the world, Ancon Expeditions of Panama offers a wide variety of Panama vacation packages sure to pique everyone’s travel interests.

From modern cities to rich, thick jungles, the famous Panama Canal, to indigenous Indian cultures, national parks, rainforests, and Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea fun, Ancon Expeditions of Panama has something for everyone seeking a Panama adventure.

Panama Day Trips

Did you know that on a day trip from Panama City you can experience a Panama rainforest boat adventure, hike trails that are over 400 years old, ride dugout canoes down the Chagres River, meet the indigenous Embera people, explore the canopy of Metropolitan Nature Park in crane for a breathtaking 360 view, take a partial tour of the Panama Canal or see all that is beautiful and magnificent about Panama City?

Ancon Expeditions of Panama offers a wide variety of exiting and memorable ways to spend your days in Panama on a Panama tour. Call us now to arrange your Panama day trips adventure.

Short Panama Tours

If you have more than a day to spend touring Panama, then our selection of short Panama tours should interest you. Many of our travelers choose two short Panama tour packages to make a complete week-long visit. This allows you to combine our best short tours to create your own Panama travel experience.

Visit Burbayar in the middle of the rainforest along the Mesoamerican Biological corridor, or go bird watching in Darien National Park, or tour the Cloud Forests of the Chiriqui, the coral reefs of Coiba National Park, or the unchanged villages of the Kuna people of the San Blas Islands. Because Panama is not a large country, little travel time is spent on getting to and from these breathtaking locations, leaving more time for Panama birds, hiking, or cruising the Panama Canal.

Panama Programs - Tours and Trips

Ancon Expeditions of Panama has designed for you a variety of programs offered on a fixed departure date basis. Each itinerary has been thoroughly researched to maximize the results of your experience in Panama. Whether you are interested in a natural history tour, a Panama bird watching trip, a family adventure or a jungle expedition, we have the right option for you. All our programs are led by the best naturalist guides.

From our extended tours of the best of Panama, to zipline and multi-sport tours, to exploring the Darien rainforest and its indigenous peoples, to taking a week to go on bird watching tour of Panama in the many fabulous locations that Panama hosts for its nearly 1000 bird species, to Panama family adventures, Panama jungle tours, and more, Ancon Expeditions of Panama has something for everyone, and we will gladly will guide you on a very memorable Panama vacation experience.

Panama Custom Tours

For those interested in discovering Panama on a more independent trip, Ancon Expeditions of Panama is prepared to assist you with all the necessary arrangements including, lodging, in-country transportation, Naturalist Guide services and all other aspects necessary to make sure your experience in Panama is rewarding.

Whether your plans include combining a series of Short Panama Adventures and Panama day tours, or even if they require more in depth research, Ancon Expeditions of Panama can assist you in the design and implementation of a customized itinerary. We specialize in private departures for couples, honeymooners, families, friends, students and special interest groups. Contact us for sailing trips in San Blas, Las Perlas, off-the-beaten-path lodges and activities for all ages. 

From Smithsonian Canopy tours at the forest’s treetops, to sailing the Panama Canal, Panama jungle tours, going on a Panama tour of Darien National Park, or visiting the wondrous islands of San Blas, the Realm of the Happy Eagle, an eco-tour in Panama, or hike the Camino Real Trek, we can help you devise the type of Panama trip you want to create for yourself.


Ancon Expeditions of Panama offers tours of Panama year round, and we often have specials to places like the Chiriqui Cloud Forest, or Panama day trips in and around Panama City, and eco trips around panama. Keep an eye out here for special deals as well as active promotions and schedules for future Panama vacation tours.

We look forward to working with you, and together we will design an unforgettable trip to Panama. Please fill in the following form so that we have a better understanding of your needs. You can also  contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with your ideas and any questions you may have and we will reply to you with relevant information to start planning your trip. You can also contact us on our toll free line at 1(888)760-3426.